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New Jersey Electricity for Residential


YEP’s Residential Electric Plans and Services to Power Your Home.

At YEP Energy, we know you have a choice when it comes to choosing your electricity provider. When you choose YEP as your electricity provder, the meter, wires, and quality of your electricity remains the same.

So why choose YEP Energy?


Energy is an essential part of your household. At YEP, we take pride in offering our customers the peace of mind that they will continuously receive the reliable services necessary to run their homes and power their lives

Low Cost

When shopping for your electricity supplier, cost plays a vital component of your decision. We want to keep your cost down and help you realize savings.  That’s why we utilize business practices that yield uniquely and extremely low overhead that result in offering customers competitive prices without the sacrifice of reliability and service.


You are our priority. We operate with you in mind by providing availability and accessibility. To reach us for any reason, simply pick up the phone or send us an email and one of our knowledgeable representatives will provide the assistance you deserve.


Shopping for something as essential as energy should be a hassle-free, easy and dependable process. So we design our enrollment system with you in mind with simple enrollment.  To enroll online, simply click ‘Switch Now.’ Or, if you prefer, you can call one of our customer care representatives and s/he will walk you through the process.


We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to our community. So we strive to offer plans that contribute to the areas we serve and beyond. For more information, ask about our 100% Renewable Energy Plans.  

Simply stated, we want to be Your Electricity Provider.